Sky world for External Consulting and Manpower Services is a leading Manpower solutions company providing Human Resource Services to a wide variety of clients in KSA. We provide complete manpower supply chain sourcing solutions under one banner. We bring the
bestexperience as we are in this industry for 1 decades under the leadership of
Mr. Atif ali khan,

We provide Overseas Hiring under the direct Visa of the client for the recruitment of manpower from multiple countries. We facilitate and execute Overseas Hiring of various Blue and White Collar categories for Mega Recruitment companies as their partner agency for the recruitment in differentcountries. Our third party outsourced hiring solution reduces major documentation work and bulk investment on Manpower as we provide ajeer support to our clients thereby encouraging them to invest on operational/ business expansion plans. Under this service, our client can still hire manpower even though they do not have visas available in their system. We will either provide them visas from NOC or from a local mega recruitment company. Other than this we also help clients with Local Manpower support. Under this service the client will have his own Local employees with various sponsors whom they will transfer under Skyworld Overseas Sponsorship for a monthly service fee.

We would like to have your valuable enquiry so that we can provide our best possible solution tailor made to your Manpower Recruitment needs. Human Resource is our forte and focus. Trust us with your requirements and we would make it happen for you.